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August 30th 2017

Time:2018/5/30 9:33:49

August 30th 2017, under the care of the leadership of the subdistrict office, Song Shaolian the general manager actively responded to the call of the superior department and carried out the work of fire fighting, safety production and environment with all the staff. At the same time, a large inspection of safety production has been carried out.

At the meeting, the general manager of Song Shaolian pointed out that we should conscientiously implement the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the important instructions of prime minister Li Keqiang and the decision-making and deployment of Party committees and governments at all levels.Fully implement the national spirit of safe production video teleconference,Focusing on reducing all types of accidents,Focusing on the inspection of safety production, Further implement safety responsibility. The meeting also set up fire safety emergency command, safety production working group and environmental monitoring working group. The director of Tu Ming Liang pointed out that the Ministry of administration should strictly implement the main requirements of fire prevention, safety production and environment.

At the same time, we should cooperate with each department to do the fire equipment, safety channel, production equipment, wire switch, cafeteria dormitory and other regulations and inspection work, and make effective records.; Finally, Song Shaolian general manager put forward: to ensure that Momali is in firefighting, safe production, environment and other works to do zero accident.